Plyometric Platform Medium
Plyometric Platform Medium

Plyometric Platform Medium

Increase athletic performance by improving movement speed and explosive power with these platforms. Vary spacing to add or reduce difficulty. Use a variety of heights to increase or decrease exercise intensity levels: Use the 350mm platform for step ups, the 500mm is versatile for all exercises and the 650mm for doing depth jumps.

Dimensions: H500mm, 1000mm x 850mm

Platform: 700mm x 600mm


Brand: Jordan Fitness

Product: Plyometric Platform Medium

SKU: Jordan PLM

Our Price: £228.60 Ex VAT: £190.50

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Great for;

  • Slow tempo resistance exercises like Bulgarian split squats and step ups
  • Resisted bodyweight drills, such as with the SAQ Viper Belt and Flexi Cord
  • Practicing jumping with a reduced eccentric component, or stabilization when landing
  • Improving elastic strength of the lower body associated with plyometrics exercises like box drives


Limited Commercial UK Mainland Warranty: Framework (structural steel and welds) warranted for 1 year against defects in workmanship and materials under normal use. Components; pulleys, cams, bearings and all other transmission components for 2 years (cables and fittings 1 year). Warranty does not cover upholstery, protective coverings or paintwork.

Warranty is voided by evidence of intentional negligent misuse of the equipment, if equipment has been modified, altered, or contains parts that are not supplied or recommended by the manufacturer.  See terms and conditions on our website for additional warranty details and conditions.

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