BH LD440 Max Rack
BH LD440 Max Rack

BH LD440 Max Rack

Brand: BH Fitness

Product: BH LD440 Max Rack


Our Price: £3,999.00 Ex VAT: £3,332.50

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Category: All Products BH Fitness Benches & Frames Smiths Machines
  • Top grips for pull ups and chin-ups.
  • Achieve the sensation of free weight training with a bar but with the safety of a Smith or Multipower machines, thanks to its three dimensional but fully guided movement system.
  • Optimise gym space with this multiple exercise facility covering just 3 m2. Tempered weight bars with linear bearings for discs with a diameter of 28 mm and 50 mm Olympic discs.
  • The sensation of free weights with maximim safety. The bar enables you to make three-dimensional movements in any direction in a fully controlled and safe way, thanks to its vertical and horizontal guides.
  • Length: 200 cm / 79”
  • Width: 140 cm / 57.5”
  • Height: 216 cm / 86”
  • Weight: 199 kg / 439 lbs



2 years UK Mainland structural, 1 year UK Mainland component warranty: Warranty is void on evidence of intentional negligent misuse/damage, if equipment has been modified/altered, or parts used that are not supplied/recommended by the manufacturer.

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