Using finance is an easy way to make fitness equipment products more affordable. Our finance options enable you to invest in the latest equipment and protect you from obsolescence whilst leaving your cash reserves untouched.

Even if you have sufficient capital resources, it can often be of great benefit to spread your asset costs over a period of time. Not only does it leave your capital free for further development of your company, it also means you avoid the cost of having depreciating assets on your balance sheet.

Benefits of Financing

Spread the Costs

One of the main reasons to choose finance over cash is the spread of the costs. By paying back monthly or quarterly you make your investments not just more affordable. It means you’re not limited to what you can afford at the time, but you can choose the equipment that is most valuable and appropriate for you business.


All lease payments are treated as an operating cost and therefore reduce the taxable profit of the business by 100% of the rentals. By treating rental as an operating cost and removing it from your balance sheet, your leasing payments may be offset against tax.

Conserves Working Capital

By spreading the costs over a period of time, instead of paying upfront, you can preserve your cash flow and leave your working capital free for other projects. There’s no impact on other credit lines, which makes further borrowing easier.

Improve Return on Investment

Paying over a period of time allows you to pay as you use, so you achieve a faster return than if you pay upfront.

Flexible Payment Options

A flexible approach towards paying for your equipment enables you to choose a finance solution that suits your business requirements, budget and cash flow requirements.

Easy Upgrade to Latest Equipment

Our finance options enable you to source the latest technology and protect you from obsolescence. You can add new equipment or upgrade your system at any time during the agreement.

Leasing acceptance is subject to status and credtit referencing.