Easy-Lock Tatami Mat Main Tile 20mm
Easy-Lock Tatami Mat Main Tile 20mm

Easy-Lock Tatami Mat Main Tile 20mm

Brand: Jordan Fitness

Product: Easy-Lock Tatami Mat Main Tile 20mm


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Category: Easy-Lock Tatami Sports Mats

Incredibly hard-wearing gym flooring that’s perfect for more specialist fitness zones including martial arts, rehab work and yoga. Designed for use without shoes, tatami flooring absorbs heavy impact which helps to minimise injury from falls and blows.  Lead time up to 8 weeks.  Minimum order 25 tiles.

  • Easily maintained floor that’s been designed and created for martial arts.
  • Air Care system reduces impact on joints.
  • Constructed from EVA for increased durability. In fact, it lasts five times longer than urethane-constructed Tatami panels. Easy to move, simple to repair and fast to install.
  • Tiles comes in standard; straight edge; straight corner; wedged corner and wedged edge.
  • Six colours available: red, blue, grey, beige, green and black
  • Dimensions 1mtr x 1mtr
  • Thickness 20mm
  • Density 160kg/m3
  • Hardness 55°
  • Weight 2.8 kg
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