Hybrid Roll-Out Mat 6m x 1.5m x 40mm
Hybrid Roll-Out Mat 6m x 1.5m x 40mm

Hybrid Roll-Out Mat 6m x 1.5m x 40mm

Product: Hybrid Roll-Out Mat 6m x 1.5m x 40mm

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Category: All Products Hybrid Roll-Out Gym Mat

Roll Out Mats can create a virtually seamless flooring system and can be custom made to fit your room dimensions. We strongly recommend taping the mats together to create a seamless area unless you are using the mats individually. Once in place and taped together, the seamless flooring is very easy to clean and maintain.

The Roll Out Mat is manufactured using a high-density cross-link foam – using tiny air pockets to cushion impact from falls and take-downs.  It also has a heavy duty smooth PVC surface which increases durability and longevity and allows boots and trainers to be worn if required.  Our Roll Out Mats are available in 4 cm thickness and can be supplied for single use or to cover a full room.

Not only that but these mats are one of the safest mats available, the smooth finish helps prevent friction burns when grappling on the floor.  All cracks and crevices are eliminated leaving nowhere for a toe, foot or hand to get caught.

  • Perfect for Multi-Purpose facilities.
  • Large areas can now be set up or taken down in minutes.
  • Lightweight, easy for transportation.
  • Manufactured using a high-density cross-link foam.
  • PVC a perfect cross between a tatami and smooth surface giving the best of both worlds.
  • Low profile tatami emboss offers a sufficient amount of grip for kicks while making it less likely to get burnt when grappling.
  • Available in Grey, Blue or Black.


  • 6m x 1.5m x 40mm
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