PROLOG U241-R3 M:Spec (3mtr)
PROLOG U241-R3 M:Spec (3mtr)

PROLOG U241-R3 M:Spec (3mtr)

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Brand: Indigo Fitness

Product: PROLOG U241-R3 M:Spec (3mtr)

SKU: U241-R3

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PROLOG® provides the ultimate workout platform designed specifically for team and group fitness.

For centuries, physical training with logs has been seen as one of the ultimate tests of teamwork, strength and endurance. With its modern, ergonomic design the PROLOG® is highly user friendly, resolving potential Health and Safety concerns associated with traditional wooden log training. PROLOG® comes with its own exclusive physical training program, Log-fit, providing its participants with a unique functional group training platform which improves, develops and promotes both physical conditioning and mental toughness.

It is easy to see just how revolutionary the Prolog is. So many “group training” platforms are in reality lots of people training individually, which really misses out the extra dimension that training together with other group members brings. The Prolog encourages a team to train together, co-ordinating movement and effort in a synchronised way. This demanding type of physical exercise requires the participants to work together as a team, forging bonds through mutual respect, often revealing untapped leadership qualities. Ultimately, the reward for such effort is a great sense of camaraderie, esprit- de- corps.

As well as building strength and endurance together, you’ll build teamwork – essential for the military, sports teams of any level, and a great way to bring an extra challenge and bit of excitement into your training facility.

  • Use anywhere; at home, in the gym, on the road
  • Ideal for lateral movement and shoulder stabilisation exercises
  • A fully metal construction that’s galvanised for outdoor use
  • PROLOG M:Spec is the ideal entry into team based log-training drills
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK
We work directly with private gym operators, corporate fitness facilities, public sector and multi national companies

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