RAZE PWR Keg 40kg
RAZE PWR Keg 40kg

RAZE PWR Keg 40kg

Brand: Indigo Fitness

Product: RAZE PWR Keg 40kg

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An old-time Strongman favourite, barrel training is a great alternative training method because the weight is not balanced or stable – it’s awkward and dynamic and builds strength in a way that’s not possible with conventional barbells or dumbbells.

  • Our PWR Keg brings this style of training into the gym environment in a with a product that is clean, safe and available in a range of weights so is suitable for all levels of user.
  • Features 4 hand holes; 2 at the top and 2 at the bottom, and as such can be lifted or carried vertically or horizontally. The location of the hand holes also allows an offset grip position which further varies the potential training options.
  • Partially filled with sand to offer dynamic weight shift during movement. This makes lifting the barrels unique as the user is constantly having to make adjustments compensate for the shift in weight within the Keg at different stages of the lift.
  • Whether lifting for repetitions, pressing overhead, bear-hugging, shouldering, carrying, or rolling, using a PWR Keg can give you an incredible workout.
  • PWR Kegs are completely waterproof, making them ideal for use in outdoor training scenarios
  • They stack for storage
  • Constructed from durable plastics using the patented ‘poly-tech 50’ weld process, the PWR Kegs, are strong and durable, but are not suitable for throwing.
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