RB33005 RAZE Safety Squat Bar
RB33005 RAZE Safety Squat Bar

RB33005 RAZE Safety Squat Bar

Raze Strength’s take on the Safety Squat Bar . The unique design and construction provide an invaluable way to maximise lower body training whilst protecting your shoulders and upper limbs.  Discs and collars shown not included.

Brand: Indigo Fitness

Product: RB33005 RAZE Safety Squat Bar

SKU: RB33005

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Even more versatile than the Multi-Grip bar the Angled Multi-Grip bar allows you to train the upper body with a variety of different grip widths & angles. With 3 knurled grip options, the bar can also be flipped over to give even more options; letting you target different movements & muscles whilst protecting the upper body joints.

  • Focuses on training the anterior chain – distributes the weight slightly forward & down compared to a traditional barbell back squat
  • Reduces stress on lower back & shoulders
  • Provides a safer option for loading a squat variation
  • Complete solid mild steel & welded construction
  • 40mm bright steel bar construction eradicates bar whip
  • 375mm of loadable weight holder space – made from 50mm solid steel
  • Longer handles for increased stability & reduction of stress on arms
  • Custom formed upholstered pads
  • Textured Powder coated finish
  • Manufactured to order in the UK with a lead-time of 4 week
  • Length: 2200mm
  • Width: 160mm
  • Height: 515mm
  • Weight: 35kg
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